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Characteristics of sport headphones

Shenzhen Chevytech Co.,Limited | Updated: Jun 18, 2016

Sport Headphones have their own special position, in addition to sound quality is not too bad outside, more importantly shape design. Sports headphone requires the following:

1, safety, 2, comfort, 3, basic waterproof capacity, 4, firmness.

Security: Although many of us are using headphones to listen to songs, but had to admit is that many scientific reports of the Commissioner of the time wearing headphones have damage to their hearing. When running outside, in addition to some isolated against outside noise, also to avoid too good soundproof capacity, so as to avoid outside. General earplugs are not inclined to make all in-ear, but with ear plugs with flat head with ear "half in-ear".

Comfort: comfortable is very important, after all, too bulky headset can easily become white elephants, so Sport Headphones tend to try to be as lightweight, and wear is also ergonomically designed.

Waterproofing: in the summer, even in night movement, easy sweat and the sweat will easily flow into the ear, headphones, it will also affect life expectancy. So sport headphones will do, sweat and water-resistant measures.

Strong: strong enough if worn headphones come off easily, will only become an unpleasant process. Sport headphones are used over the ear design, can ensure the headset in the fierce campaign will not fall off

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