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Considerations for headphones

Shenzhen Chevytech Co.,Limited | Updated: Jun 18, 2016

Regular headset is the ear is damaged, in General, use the headphones need to be aware of the following guidelines:

1. don't be long wear headphones

2. volume is not big, talk to people outside a meter if you cannot catch the decrease earpiece volume.

3. Select the headset comfortable to wear.

4. headphone to select quality, noise small, volume can be regulated.

5. is not available with earphones and listen to something for a long time, give the ears a break every half an hour, maximum of three hours a day, the less the better.

6. don't sleep. as under the influence of sleep posture pillow put pressure on the ear, and physical damage to the eardrum.

7. use earmuffs headphones, because the headset on the ear than the embedded smaller headsets.

In addition, the headphones earbuds headset closer to the ear, the eardrum to stimulate more direct influence on the ears may be large.

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