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Headset press works

Shenzhen Chevytech Co.,Limited | Updated: Jun 18, 2016

Mostly moving coil (Dynamic) and static electricity (Electrostatic) headset two categories, although these two classes there are magnetic and several kinds of, or have been eliminated or market share very little used for professional purposes, not discussed here.

Moving-coil headphone: at present, most (about 99%) headphone earplugs are similar, the principle is similar to the standard speaker, a permanent magnetic field in the coil connected to the diaphragm, driven diaphragm driven by voice coil signal current.

Electrostatic headphones: diaphragm in a changing electric field, diaphragm and very thin, accurate to a few microns level (the current new generation STAX electrostatic headphones diaphragm has been accurate to 1.35 μm), coil electric driven diaphragm driven by sound.

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