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The general structure of wireless headphones

Shenzhen Chevytech Co.,Limited | Updated: Jun 18, 2016

Wireless Headphone Headset systems generally refers to the infrared transmission signals, cordless headset headset system refers to using radio waves to transmit signals. IR headphones from a few KHz to several MHz operating frequency, effective distance of approximately 10 metres, headphones within Visual range radio headset working frequencies VHF 130MHz-200 MHz, UHF 450 MHz-900MHz, most of your cordless headset in UHF, transmission range up to 100 meters, can get around obstructions. Two or more Deputy wireless/Cordless headphones may interfere with each other, so choose the best when they select the varieties that have multiple operating frequencies, cordless headphones, working on UHF than VHF interference may be small. Both of these headphones are background noise, models of higher value, use the noise reduction technology. Note also that is a wireless/Cordless Headset battery life, generally should not exceed the 8-hour.

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