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Features Of The Wireless Headset
Shenzhen Chevytech Co.,Limited | Updated: Jun 18, 2016

1, wireless, wireless monitor, wireless features such as voice chat;

2, with professional learning programs and can learn a variety of household appliance remote control (TV, VCR, DVB, DVD, etc) functions can also be used as digital set-top box remote control. 2. ibandronate wireless listen to all channels TV6 television sound, computers, games, VCD, DVD, audio, MP3, MP4, CD, any appliance that has audio output. 3. using a wireless headset, you can mute the TV case, freedom to enjoy the program. 4. place the transmitter in the elderly, babies, patients and other persons in need of care, and use the receiver to listen to voice of caregivers, easy easy to care. 5. adopting imported launch tube and core technology, high sensitivity against interference signal strong, the effect is outstanding, effective range (less than) 30 m, wall received.

Shenzhen Chevytech Co.,Limited
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