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General Classification Of Wireless Headphones
Shenzhen Chevytech Co.,Limited | Updated: Jun 18, 2016

Wireless headphones use the frequency of the electromagnetic wave, they can be divided into:

Infrared (30um~3mm10GHz~1000GHz) wireless headset

Metric (metric 10~1M the very high frequency (VHF) 30MHz~300MHz) wireless headset

Meter-band (UHF 1M~0.1M VHF (UHF) 300MHz~3000MHz) wireless headset

, Infrared wireless headphones

Advantages: at present, the technology is quite mature

Disadvantages: 1, working at a distance of 7 meters; 2, bad diffraction, infrared wireless headphones and if there is a more obvious obstacles between the transmitter (for example: people, large pet), infrared headset but it may have been interrupted.

Second, meter-wave wireless headphones ("FM FM headset")

Advantages: 1, in theory, work n within a listening receiver, many "wireless audio broadcasting system 2, Diffraction is strong; 3, use the distance between the nominal in the 10-meter ~70 meter.

Disadvantages: 1, virtual working distance 2, noise interference; 3, signal receiving is not stable.

Third, UHF Wireless Headset (Bluetooth)

Advantages: 1 working distance (100 m), more work space free; 2, there is a good music playback; 3, the confidentiality of communications is quite strong; 4 and better sound quality; 5, more energy efficient; 6, at lower cost.

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