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How To Choose Bluetooth Glasses And Sunglasses
Shenzhen Chevytech Co.,Limited | Updated: Aug 03, 2016

How to Choose Bluetooth Glasses and Sunglasses

Choosing the right pair of Bluetooth glasses and sunglasses isn’t a particularly difficult task, but there are some important questions to consider before you commit to a particular product. This guide will tell you everything you need to know.

What Will I Be Using Them For?

This is the most important question that you need to be able to answer. There are many different Bluetooth sunglasses on the market, each of them made for a specific application.

Bluetooth Glasses for Sports

Many people like to use Bluetooth sunglasses for various sports activities. So what makes a good pair of Bluetooth sports glasses? Above everything else, their build and comfort. When you put them on, there should be absolutely no painful or irritating hot spots, and you should be confident in how securely they stay in one place. Any movement can eventually lead to your sunglasses falling down on the ground.

Sound quality and noise isolation are also something to think about. This is a much more subjective topic than comfort and build quality. Not everyone demands only the best sound and the most accurate music presentation. You might be perfectly content with something that sounds just ok. Since you will be most likely focusing on something else anyway, you probably won’t even notice that cymbals lack certain crispness and bass doesn’t go all the way down. If, however, sound quality is something that you deeply value and refuse to compromise on, your final choice of Bluetooth sunglasses should reflect this preference.

Noise isolation plays an important role in all sports activities. By limiting outside noise, you are able to better focus on your music and hear every little detail. But there is a flip side to this. It also means that you may not be able to hear people talking at you, cars heading your way, or a warning shout. This is not something that would probably be a problem inside a gym but would most definitely be outside out the streets. It is better to stay safe and don’t risk a potentially fatal accident.

Video Camera Glasses

Video camera glasses and sunglasses are in many respects a category of its own. They can be a very useful tool for drivers, police officers, security personnel, demonstrators, and many others.

EDC Sunglasses


EDC stands for Every Day Carry and this abbreviation is used to describe items we rely upon in our daily lives. This often includes things like a pocket knife, flashlight, wallet, phone, keys, etc.

Will I Often Listen to Music?


If you love to listen to music and plan on purchasing a pair of Bluetooth sunglasses just for this purpose, you need to make sure to choose the right model for the task.

Other Things to Consider

Some other things that you should definitely consider are the overall design, warranty, battery life, and accessories that come with the particular sunglasses.


If you spend at least a minute or two on each of these points, you are guaranteed to purchase Bluetooth sunglasses that will serve you well.

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