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New USB-C Cable Brings Magnetic Power To Your 12-inch MacBook
Shenzhen Chevytech Co.,Limited | Updated: Aug 03, 2016

New USB-C cable brings magnetic power to your 12-inch MacBook

In making a smaller MacBook, Apple took away one little thing that could have us tripping – literally. Gone with all the ports on the slim 12-inch MacBook with a single USB-C port is the magnet in the connector that kept your charging cord securely plugged in.

Trip over the cord on earlier MacBooks and it broke away cleanly without sending your laptop flying. Foreseeing the accidents, tech accessory company Griffin has created a USB-C power cable with a quick-release magnetic feature.

Since Apple introduced the new MacBook last year with the future standard of device connecting and charging, companies have tried to ease our transition to USB-C with a slew of accessories.

Most companies have focused on adaptor solutions that provide ports for Ethernet, Lighting, HDMI and USB2. My favorite is the Satechi’s Type-C Hub, which includes all those ports plus SD and micro SD card slots.

Griffin stays on message – that data storage will continue to move to the cloud and what peripheries don’t go obsolete will connect wirelessly – with a two-piece BreakSafe cable that includes a 6-foot cord and a quick-release magnetic connector that plugs into the USB-C port.

In addition to working on the new MacBook, the BreakSafe cord will also work on USB-C compatible PC laptops, like the Chromebook Pixel.

The BreakSafe Magnetic cable will be available in April for $39.99 on the Griffin website. Until then, step carefully.

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